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Sooner or later, every W124 suffers from typical rust through of the jack mounts, side skirts, inner fenders, rear axle mounts or the underbody.

Out of love for the 124, we have made it our business to manufacture and offer high-quality and perfectly fitting repair panels.

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Classic youngtimers/oldtimers and rust - unfortunately, they belong together.
At the latest when load-bearing components are extensively affected by rust, the road safety and thus the registration of the car is at risk.

For a long-lasting preservation and increase in value of a classic car, it is absolutely necessary that all repair work is carried out professionally and with high-quality materials.
With our exclusively manufactured repair panels, the ideal basis for a successful restoration is created thanks to an original fit and excellent choice of materials.
Many of our sheets even surpass the original body parts in material thickness and metal quality.