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Hardly any other classic enjoys such a good reputation as the "forefather of the E-Class", the Mercedes-Benz W124.

No wonder - After all, the "last real Mercedes" with robust technology and excellent workmanship has proven to be a true endurance runner over the years.

But the many years of intensive use have not left the robust "middle series" unscathed:*
Almost every example suffers from typical rust spots on the jack mounts, sills, rear axle mounts and porous rubber and plastic parts.
Many of these defects lurk in the shadows, often concealed by solid plastic cladding, and have driven many a W124 enthusiast to despair at the last general inspection.

Well-preserved examples of the W124, especially T-models, coupes and convertibles, as well as historically maintained models with few previous owners, are becoming increasingly rare. This makes it all the more worthwhile to have damaged body parts professionally repaired.

The T-models of the 124er are internally also designated as S124. The Coupé carries accordingly the designation C124 and the Cabrio A124.

Up to and including the first model update "Series 1", the sales designations were, for example: 200, 200E, 200D, 230E, 250D, 300E, 300D, 400E or 500E.
From the second model update "Series 2" on, the designations were adapted to the new formatting with e.g. E200, E300, E420 or E500.

The first AMG models such as E36 or E60 were also introduced.

Did you already know? The 124 also introduced the now legendary 4MATIC all-wheel drive system.

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